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and still meet these requirements. 

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnAre 18 years old on or before Election Day

  • Are registered to vote by your state’s voter registration deadlineXổ số trực tiếp 3 miền. North Dakota does not require voter registration.

  • Who CAN’T Vote?

    • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnNon-citizens, including permanent legal residents

    • . Rules vary by state. Check with your state elections office about the laws in your state.

    • . Rules vary by state.

    • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnFor president in the general election: U.S. citizens residing in U.S. territories

    Check with your state or local election office for any questions about who can and cannot vote.

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    Last Updated: May 7, 2020