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Locate Military Members, Units, and Facilities

Find a military member, unit or facility.

. Their Hero Care Center will get information from you and relay it to the service member. You can reach the Red Cross:

  • By phone at 1-877-272-7337

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnThrough an  (You’ll first need to .)

  • Using its 

Get Help Contacting Navy, Marine, and Air Force Service Members

Three service branches provide military personnel locator services:

  •  - Scroll down to "Miscellaneous" and select "Personal Locator."

  •  - Scroll down to "How do I find a friend or family member in the Navy?"

You may need to provide the military member's Social Security number for the locator to help you. If they find the member, they'll forward your request to them. Each locator has its own requirements.

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnThe U.S. Army and the U.S. Coast Guard no longer provide military locator services. 

Verify Military Service

You may be able to . You will need their Social Security number and/or date of birth. 

Watch Out for Romance Scammers

Beware of people pretending to be military members on social media and dating websites. These scammers will try to get in an online relationship with you. Then they’ll ask for money for fake service-related needs, like travel costs or medical fees. .

Get Help Contacting a Veteran

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may be able to put you in touch with a veteran. The if they have his or her current address on file.

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnWrite your message to your friend and place it in an unsealed, stamped envelope.

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnInclude a note to the VA explaining who you’re trying to reach. Add as much identifying information as you have.

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnPut all of this in another envelope and address it to the nearest . 

You can also find a list of . 

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miền using the Military Installations site. The site lists units under the:

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnDepartment of Defense (DOD)

  • U.S. Army

  • U.S. Air Force

  • U.S. Navy

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnU.S. Marine Corps

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnJoint services

DOD Service Branches

Find contacts for the DOD service branches:

DOD Sub-Agencies

Check this Department of Defense listingXổ số trực tiếp 3 miền to find information about DOD sub-agencies, including the:

U.S. Coast Guard

Find contact information for the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is a branch of the armed forces but falls under the Department of Homeland Security.


Military Academies and Colleges

Find locations and information for the 

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Last Updated: September 23, 2020