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- Public libraries have experts who can help you find the resources you need. Libraries have computer stations and lend books, movies, and music in person and digitally. Many offer English classes and other programs. 

State Public Libraries

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miền - State libraries collect and preserve information about your state.

Federal Libraries and Archives

  • - The nation's oldest federal cultural institution, the LOC is the research arm of Congress and the largest library in the world. It is also home to the . For questions about the Library of Congress and its collections, use .
  • - Research your family history, military records, and other topics. NARA preserves documents with legal and historical value.
  • - Archives and museums that bring together the documents and artifacts of a president and his or her administration
  • - Locate education information, federal education policy, and statistics
  • - Federal government information available for free public use in over 1,200 locations
  • - Find federal libraries around the world.

- National network of libraries that loan recorded and braille books, magazines, and playback equipment to American citizens who are unable to read or use standard print materials due to visual or physical impairment

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