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Find a Federal Government Job

Learn how to find a job with the federal government.

. It’s the official job site for the federal government. There, you can:

  • , including ones in .

How to Apply for a Federal Job Through USAJOBS

You must create a USAJOBS profile to apply.

  1. Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnUSAJOBS requires users to have a account.

  2. Sign into USAJOBS, , and upload your resume.

  3. Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miền that interest you.

  4. Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnReview the job announcements to see if you qualify.

  5. Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnPrepare your application in USAJOBS.

  6. Submit your application through USAJOBS to the federal agency with the job opening.

Search for Jobs at a Specific Agency

Though most federal agencies post their jobs on USAJOBS, some post jobs on their websites. If you want to work for a specific agency, find its website through the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

  • Explore local and virtual .

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnThere is never an application fee or a testing fee to apply for a government or U.S. Postal Service job. 

Former Federal Employees

If you’re a former federal employee, you may be . Reinstatement lets you apply for federal jobs without competing with the public.

Students and Recent Graduates

with the government. You may qualify for an internship or an entry-level position.


If you've served in the military and want to find a federal job, check out . It has information on:

  • Veterans' preference

  • Special hiring authorities

  • Other tips for vets and transitioning service members seeking federal civilian jobs

People With Disabilities

Learn about the advantages of federal jobs for people with disabilities.

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miền .

Advantages of Government Jobs for People with Disabilities

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnThe federal government:

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnHas job openings nationwide in many different career fields

  • Uses that is faster and easier than the competitive hiring process

  • Provides  to qualified employees

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnYou can also apply for jobs through the . Many jobs open to people with disabilities use only that process.

Finding and Applying for Federal Jobs

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnYou can .

To apply for jobs under Schedule A, you can:

  • Apply online at USAJOBS or

  • Apply directly to the agency offering the job

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnEither way, you'll need to:

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnPrepare your resume and other documents listed in the job announcement

  • Provide proof you have an intellectual disability, severe physical disability, or psychiatric disability

To apply for a job online:

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnFollow the  used for all online applications

  • Use

To apply for a job directly through an agency:

  • Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnContact the agency’s  using the . The SPPC coordinator can discuss reasonable accommodations and how to apply.

For more details on applying for jobs through Schedule A, read .

For an overview of how to use USAJOBS, see Federal Government Employment.

Federal Jobs for Veterans with Disabilities

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnIf you’re a veteran with a service-connected disability, you have even more options. . You may also be able to get a to use with competitive positions.

College Students and Recent Graduates with Disabilities

Xổ số trực tiếp 3 miềnIf you’re a college student or a recent graduate, you can find summer jobs, internships, and permanent positions through the:

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Last Updated: June 26, 2020